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Outdoor Wish, Inc. is looking to add sponsors to the growing list of individuals and companies willing to helpĀ those with special needs and/or are terminally ill. There are a lot of expenses with having an outdoor adventure accessible to wheelchair bound and special needs. Besides the basic expenses of accessibility, there are the expenses of the upkeep of the trails, maintenance of the grounds and blinds, feeding the animals, insurance, fish stocking, etc. The demand for people requesting to use our facility is growing, making the financial burden overwhelming for us to endure by ourselves. We previously provided all aspects of the Outdoor Wish, Inc. ourselves but with the growing need, it is out of our financial capabilities to fund this without assistance. We have a hard time turning individuals away.

Outdoor Wish, Inc. is looking into the cost of providing electric 4-wheelers with the capabilities of handling wheelchairs so chair-bound individuals can feel a sense of freedom driving themselves around to enjoy their experience. Also, Outdoor Wish, Inc. has many additional features beginning to take place. We are in the beginning stages of raising funds for a fully handicapped accessible cottage on our 10-arce lake so that these families can comfortably enjoy their outdoor adventure for a longer time. In addition to the cabin, we are starting to stock trout in our 2-acre pond, which will be fully handicap accessible as well.

Please consider making a monetary donation to this outstanding organization to help those with special needs and the terminally ill individuals that deserve the right to enjoy the outdoors. With any donation, you will be listed on our sponsorship board, kept in the loop when there are special events at Outdoor Wish, Inc. and will be periodically notified of successful hunts completed by grateful individuals.

Every Little Bit HelpsĀ